Interactive Tools for your conference

Engaging and gathering feedback from your audience is an important factor for a successful conference. In the old days, we used to do that during the Q+A session, and maybe with hand signs or holding up colorful cards, but now there are more modern tools. We at The Change Initiative have tested and successfully applied a number of tools and our selection criteria are easy.  We choose the right tools for seamless integration into your meeting process at low costs.

Audience Response System

Finding a way to collect responses from a group isn’t always easy, whether it’s in a business conference, training course, educational, or event environment. Get audience response in a second and make your presentation more interactive by using a simple voting device that increases audience participation in casting votes based on a series of questions listed on a presentation slide, with each audience member pressing the button corresponding to their response. Responses are collated immediately by a receiver device and presented in a graph or chart integrated into your PowerPoint presentation.

Upgrade your Q &A session: Prioritizing Questions and Filtering out Unpopular Ones

Are you tired of participants who grab the microphone to ask a question even before the last speaker has finished his or her presentation and then proceeds to ask a question that is of little interest to the other participants or, even better, make a speech that is not really a question at all? Using a special app on their smartphones, participants can formulate questions that appear visibly on your large screen. All registered participants can vote for questions submitted by others. Questions are sorted by popularity and the chair or moderator of the panel discussion or Q & A session can focus on the most relevant questions of highest priority to the participants.

The Change Initiative currently offers this solution in collaboration with trusted partners.  We can integrate this tool into your event design and ensure that it works smoothly in your event process.


As one of our main business goals for 2015, The Change Initiative intends to partner with one of the leading app designers in the United States to develop a simple, easy-to-use, low cost solution to allow more of our clients to benefit from interactive electronic tools. This new application should be available in selected languages in the Mekong Region. Stay tuned.