What is Graphic Recording?

Using a graphic recorder is a great way to engage your meetings audience and extend the life of your conference content. Graphic recorders are artists who listen to a speaker and transcribe the information in a visual manner. Graphic recorders can summarize key messages of speakers at conferences or for executives or leaders to graphically facilitate strategic planning and company visioning.

Graphic recorders interactively document a group’s conversation on flip charts, large poster paper, graphic templates, murals, and other media, thus allowing everyone to see and understand the flow of dialog, decisions and agreements. Furthermore, it is possible to use tablets as a shared recording “canvas” that participants view in real time through a web-meeting interface.

What are the benefits of Graphic Recording?

Engages and Acknowledges Participants

Graphic displays help participants stay engaged in the process. Participants feel validated and have a definite sense of being heard and acknowledged when their contributions appear in the group record for all to see.

Promotes Clearer Thinking

Graphic Recording promotes the clearer thinking and good decision making that comes when people can really ‘see what you mean’, and also see what they mean.

Optimizes Learning

Learning and retention increase when multiple senses are engaged. Graphic recording engages visual perception, which studies have shown increases retention by 40% over spoken word alone.

Provides Group Memory

A graphic display captures the contents of a meeting in an engaging fashion and serves as an effective touchstone for recalling accomplishments and educating others.

Provides Visual Overview

A graphic chart promotes clear thinking by reflecting current results back to the group. By seeing many aspects of a situation displayed at once, larger patterns and relationships emerge.

Improves Group Focus and Tracking

A graphic display provides a clear indication of what is being addressed by the group at any given moment, which aids participants in tracking and staying focused and on task.

Enhances Creativity

By utilizing colors and pictures in addition to words, graphic recording captures more than just the linear elements of the discussion and stimulates creative problem solving. The use of apt visual metaphors can be a great source of creative stimulation.

Our Service

The Change Initiative offers graphic recording through collaboration with our network of graphic facilitators in Asia.  Graphic recording is currently only available in English. If you are interested in integrating graphic recording in your next conference, please contact us for more information.