Health Insurance Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue

Effective social health protection systems can mitigate this problem and are a crucial pillar of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Many countries in Asia are currently undergoing reform processes or are implementing additional measures in order to strive to achieve UHC. These countries include Cambodia, India, Nepal and Pakistan. The German Development Cooperation supports reform processes on health insurance in these countries. In this workshop facilitated by The Change Initiative high level government officials and reform drivers on health insurance from these countries came together. Thanks to the participatory co-designed by TCI’s Jost Wagner practitioners and experts had opportunity to discuss thinking, approaches and experiences from their countries and exchange with others. The knowledge exchange “Multi-country knowledge exchange on health insurance” tookplace in Bangkok, Thailand, from 30th July to 2nd August 2019 including a field-trip organized by TCI to the National Health Security Office and Sai Noi Hospital.