Jost Wagner supports the joint conference of the Sector Network Transport, Environment, Energy and Water (TUEWAS) and Natural Resources and Rural Development (SNRD) in Asia

Following the Agenda 2030’s call for institutions and organisations to further engage in sharing of best practices and peer learning on a regional level, this year’s conference in Bangkok provides a regional platform of in-depth knowledge exchange and the development of GIZ contributions to implementing the Agenda 2030 in Asia. A key-note will be presented by Dr. Shamshad Askhar – Executive Secretary of UNESCAP. The conference programme includes crosscutting workshops and a gallery walk of the working groups on the joint day, as well as open space sessions and technical workshops. Jost Wagner is part of the organizing team which designs the process and the designated lead facilitator for the three conference days. The official title of the conference is Breaking down the SDG’s – Contribution of TUEWAS and SNRD to implementing the Agenda 2030.