If you look at the way most people organize conferences, you see a lot of speeches and PowerPoint presentations, a lot of podiums with a passive audience. This reflects our general misunderstanding or even ignorance in how to bring people together. If you multiply the number of people in your meeting by their average hourly pay rate you will quickly understand that these kind of conferences and workshops are a very expensive form of communication.

But there is an alternative, better, and more effective way. Meetings can be places where people do meaningful work, advance their thinking, reach agreements and take decisions, and develop much better commitment then during conventional conferences.

We at The Change Initiative design and facilitate conferences and workshops to be productive, creative, effective, and with the right amount of fun. We support you in organising meetings in which people really want to actively participate, even though they have busy schedules and work waiting for them.

With our vast experience, we help you to design a process to create an event experience that will provide powerful opportunities for participants to connect, engage, learn, and deliver at your event.

We masterfully recommend and apply methods to reach your meeting objectives. Methods we might use in your next event include, among others:

  • Open Space Technology
  • World Café
  • Future Search
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Real Time Strategic Change
  • Scenario Building and other future tools
  • Timelines
  • Dynamic Facilitation
  • Market Place and Future Search
  • The Caravan

Furthermore we provide additional services such as graphic facilitation, event support, and conference technology.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about how to make your next conference successful.