Team Retreats and Teambuilding

A retreat should be an opportunity for any organization looking to create a successful future. It is also an opportunity for a team to think out of the box, get to know each other better, and re-energize outside of their usual stressful environment. In other words, pressing the pause button on your operation and taking some uninterrupted time to develop staff cohesion, reflect on how to improve the organization, or think deeply about new ways of working is time well spent for any organization.

Why a Team Retreat?

We specialize in various types of team retreats such as facilitating executive retreats and team building workshops. Our background and experience as professional facilitators help generate the results needed for success. As a result and depending on the agreed objectives, the participants of our facilitated retreats leave the retreat with a clearer direction, better leadership skills, stronger teams, improved communication, and a set of action plans toward improved performance.

What do we offer?

We offer team retreats that take your organization to the next level. We will work alongside your team to build a customized agenda with expert facilitation before, during, and after the retreat that will set the stage for results that matter.

How do we work?

Each team retreat is closely designed with our clients as we establish and clarify the agenda and retreat process with your organizational team. We can make use many different proven approaches such as Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, Movie Productions, and many other effective and innovative tools. With great care, we weave them together to a meaningful and effective retreat and facilitate the process to the end. After each workshop, we offer you feedback and a short debriefing session.

Our Experience

Every year we facilitate a number of retreats for various kinds of organizations. We have conducted team retreats with senior managers, staff of various United Nations organizations and international development agencies, health professionals, and a department of a French insurance company in France. We facilitate retreats of all scales from small executive retreats to large group retreats up to a 100 people or more.

If you want to know more how to make your next team retreat meaningful, please contact Jost Wagner at