Next Generation Technologies for Empowering People

Next generation technologies have the potential to serve as a tool for stability as well as an accelerator for growth and empowerment. This is especially true for migrant communities (including diaspora, trafficked, refugees, and displaced populations) and ethnic or cultural minorities (including lesbian, gay,bisexual, transgender, and intersex populations). Through the use of emerging technologies,innovative thinking, new partnerships and creative solutions, the rights of these individuals, families, and target communities can be protected. That’s why USAID/RDMA and Social Impact are bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators,development organizations, technology providers, and donors for a two-day “Workshop: Next Generation Technologies for Empowering People” in Bangkok,Thailand from November 14-15, 2016. Jost Wagner and his team supported the Social Impact Team with co-designing the workshop process and other services to make this workshop a genuine learning exchange. The Workshop focused on next generation technologies that have the potential to provide solutions to some of the most pressing social issues in the region. The event combined existing case studies and promising new approaches with a call to action to empower individuals, communities, and governments to achieve development goals. This was for our senior facilitator Jost Wagner and his team the 5th regional workshop with USAID – Regional Development Mission in Asia and Social Impact and we are looking forward to 2017.