Next USAID Frontier Event on Fintech on February 27-28, 2017

New FinTech-enabled solutions driven by the increasingly ubiquitous and affordable mobile internet are reinventing financial services available to the poor. Making sense of this rapidly changing space can be overwhelming to development practitioners. USAID Regional Development Mission with support from Social Impact Inc. organises again a learning event will help sort out the fiction from the reality and offer practical advice to development professionals interested in leveraging this powerful revolution in digital development. Jost Wagner  is part of the organising team as the lead facilitator and process consultant. We will have interactive sessions mixed with presentations by carefully selected speakers.

Topics to be explored over the two-day include:

  • Recent disruptions brought on by FINTECH and repercussions for development actors
  • Blockchain-Smart Contract Technology and implications for government
  • Crowdfunding and role of donors
  • Closer look on improving financial transparency in Asia
  • Details on joining the Better Than Cash Alliance

For further information, please contact the conference secretariat at