The Change Initiative (TCI) was founded in 2007 by professional facilitator and development advisor Jost Wagner as a Thai private limited company with its primary office in Bangkok. Its mission is to improve the quality of meetings and conferences and their impact in a changing world.

The Change Initiative partners with clients to create engaging, interactive and effective workshops and conferences for and on behalf of development organisations, the private sector, and government agencies. Over the years, The Change Initiative has become a leading facilitation company in Asia and their services have been used by over 50 different organizations in over 20 countries.

The Change Initiative’s specialty is the design and facilitation of change and multi-stakeholder and knowledge management events. We are on the leading edge of change in designing, delivering, and training people on simple, yet highly productive group leadership processes. We are also leaders in the region in the promotion and application of large group methods such as Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, and Dynamic Facilitation, among others.

With our continuously growing network of associate experts and specialized consultants we also offer an increasing number of support services to make your meetings and conferences successful.

The Change Initiative is member of the Thai-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) in Bangkok and through its Managing Director is connected to the International Association of Facilitators.