The Change Initiative follows a 4-D Approach:

Decide: In an initial meeting we will clarify with our client the purpose and other important objectives of the event. Everyone should be on the same page about what the event is supposed to accomplish. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible we conduct these meetings via telephonic, Skype, or video conference.

Design: The Change Initiative maintains a large toolbox in order to design each workshop in a way that ensures dialogue and collaborative action. In addition, we prefer to design our meetings jointly with our clients in order to incorporate all needs and expectations of the client and key stakeholders. We believe that our clients also have great ideas and that only the blending of their and our expertise will bring the necessary creative and maximum results. We also endeavor to keep our agendas as flexible as possible in order to be able to make changes during the event.

Deliver: All workshops designed and delivered are done so by our network of experienced facilitators. Most of our facilitators are Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) through the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Depending on budget and location, we might be able to offer additional professional services like graphic recording, video and photo documentation, and report writing if required.

Debrief: One of the most common problems that occurs after a successful and energizing event is that ideas or action plans from the meeting are not implemented. We can work with you after the event to ensure your organization successfully implements the ideas and plans emerging from the event. We also offer a debriefing session with the client in order to capture the learnings from the event for the organization and for us. This is in line with our philosophy of constantly and jointly enhance our skills and knowledge.