Our Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

Yes, The Change Initiative is a company and has to earn money, but we are also involved in a large number of pro-bono projects and other activities, hoping to contribute to an ecological and socially sustainable future. Here are a few examples of our activities in the last years.

Pro-bono training and process consulting

Each year, The Change Initiative conducts a few pro bono projects, working with organizations on projects that deliver results for the community. Most recently, we have worked twice with our long-standing client the United Nations Organization for Drugs and Crime, to make a formal conference more interactive, and have also facilitated a meeting with the Royal Thai Police and UNODC on how to tackle some burning issues such as prison overcrowding. Another example is conducting trainings for selected groups such as three day pro-bono training for civil society leaders or training days for youth leaders. Last but not least, we coach a selected number of individuals and organizations with social impact with their upcoming events.

Support for the Super Cyclone Nargis Relief efforts in Myanmar

Some 2.4 million people are believed to have been affected by the 2008 cyclone known worldwide as Nargis. More than 130.000 people were believed to be dead or missing. Many people were without adequate shelter, water, and food supplies. Jost Wagner, lead facilitator of The Change Initiative, had visited the devastated area only a few days prior to the cyclone. Shortly after the cyclone devastated large parts of the Irrawaddy Delta, The Change Initiative teamed up with Wolfgang Heinze from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Bangkok and Dr. Paul Pasch from the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung in Malaysia. Jointly, they put out a call for donations and transferred every donated cent to the Metta Development Foundation in Yangon. The organisation is one of the very few organisations with a proven record for reliable and efficient relief services. An estimated 30,000 dollars reached the Metta Development Foundation through the donations of German and international citizens following our call for donations.

Support for a photo project on Women and Children in the Deep South of Thailand

Photo exhibitionUnder a dialogue project managed by the Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung Office in Bangkok (FES) to support peaceful solutions in the three border provinces of Yala, Pattani, and Narathiwat in the deep south of Thailand The Change Initiative team passionately supported the design and production of an exhibition that provides a window into the lives of affected women and youth in the three provinces. For example, Change Initiative staff translated pro-bono all captions of the exhibition and helped to develop the design for the accompanying publication. The exhibition was shown in various parts of Thailand and you can download the publication from the FES website.