Training and capacity building are some of our core services at The Change Initiative. With our experience in facilitation, communication, and related skills we have much share, but we understand that is not enough to truly make an impact.  In line with the famous quote “Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn.” we want our training participants to leave with both knowledge and experience.

Therefore our trainings are based on our knowledge acquired over the years and from working with hundreds of groups in a variety of settings and situations.

We understand that to truly learn something, we must relate our training content to your work environment and real-life context. Furthermore, you have to apply the knowledge and practice it whenever possible. That is why we design energetic and interactive trainings where participants are actively involved and engaged in a conducive environment that allows them to develop and improve their skills.

Our Courses

Large Group Facilitation

This training will allow participants to gain a working knowledge of the principles, steps, and practices of World Café, Open Space Technology, and Appreciative Inquiry. Furthermore participants will become acquainted with methods such as the Caravan, Fishbowl, and Timelines.

With these approaches you can change any conference or similar large group gatherings into highly informative, productive, and results-driven sessions. The training will also equip you to better design your own future events.
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Persuasive Presentation Training

DSC02683_DxOThis presentation training is designed to make your life easier when providing presentations to customers, colleagues, and related stakeholders. The seminar will help improve your presentation techniques so you can gain greater visibility for your organization.

If you or your staff continue to fight with stage fright, this training can help. Read more

Persuasive Presentation Skills 2

This training is ideal if you already have experience with presenting or public speaking and want to improve your presentation delivery skills.

You will be asked to prepare two short presentations of roughly 5-10 minutes each before the course that you will deliver several times over the course of the two day training. This is an intensive training course that will help participants to deliver presentations in a more persuasive way. Read more

Foundational Facilitation Skills

In our flagship course, learn proven techniques for facilitating engaging and result-oriented workshops and meetings. During this three day workshop you will learn how understanding adult learning principles and proper practice and preparation are the keys to successful facilitation. Participants will learn how to foster learner engagement and enthusiasm, address the needs of all learning styles, leverage effective questioning techniques, and manage participant behaviors to lead impactful meetings and workshops.
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