Our facilitation courses are designed to build facilitator best practices and skills consistent with the competency requirements of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). While the IAF does not currently certify any educational body or accredit training courses, by following the IAF structure, we ensure our course participants are knowledgeable facilitators and effective group leaders who have gained confidence and capability in IAF’s key competency areas.

About the Course

In recent years increasing numbers of organizations have realized that facilitation skills are key to improving productivity, creativity, and employee engagement. As a result, organizations are making facilitation a key competency in their leadership development and corporate improvement programs.

In our flagship course, learn proven techniques for facilitating engaging and result-oriented workshops and meetings. During this three day workshop you will learn how an understanding of adult learning principles and proper practice and preparation are the keys to successful facilitation. Participants will learn how to foster learner engagement and enthusiasm, address the needs of all learning styles, leverage effective questioning techniques, and manage participant behaviors to lead impactful meetings and workshops. When we say ‘meeting’, we mean any gathering of people for business/organization purposes, including issue and problem sessions, day-long planning workshops, team project work, and multi-stakeholder workshops. You will have the opportunity to deliver a practice facilitation session with feedback and coaching from the instructor and peers.

Course Objective and Outcome
  • Facilitation – the key to a great and productive meeting
  • How to prepare for success with different types of meetings
  • Principles and guidelines on how to run an effective meeting
  • Design a meeting process including the meeting agenda
  • How to facilitate a successful, engaging, and productive meeting
  • How to manage meeting dynamics and handle difficult situations
  • How to ensure great meeting results
  • How to involve employees or stakeholders for ownership and commitment in change management efforts
  • How to choose the right tools and grow your own tool box
About the Trainer – Mr. Jost Wagner

Jost Wagner is a Certified Professional Facilitator © through the International Association of Facilitators and the founder and Managing Director of The Change Initiative Co. Ltd. His talent, skills, and passion for facilitation form the core of the company’s mission, and he is much sought after as a facilitator, trainer, and process consultant.

Jost has written a handbook on large group facilitation methods for a Thai audience which has been now translated into various languages including Vietnamese, Burmese, and Urdu. In recent years, Jost has become one of the biggest contributors to the art and science of facilitation in many parts of Asia.

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We want our training participants to leave with both knowledge and experience. Therefore, our course dedicates considerable time to learning, sharing, and practicing the approaches and tools We focus on critical skills such as process design, creating energy and engagement, consensus building, and gaining agreement.

Our participants are actively involved and engaged in a safe environment that allows them to develop and improve their facilitation skills. It is expected that all participants are present throughout the full three days with the potential for some required preparation and homework depending on the customized course design.