About the Course

This presentation training is designed to make your life easier when providing presentations to customers, colleagues, and related stakeholders.

The course will help improve your presentation techniques so you can gain greater visibility for your organization.

The training will enable participants to deliver focused presentations to their preferred target audience.

If you or your staff continue to fight with stage fright, this training can help.

Course Objective and Outcome
  • How to make an effective presentation
    Six elements to consider
  • How to prepare a presentation
    Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance
  • Structuring your presentation
    The three phases of a well-organized presentation
  • Audience analysis
    The more you know about your audience and their needs, the better you can meet them!
  • Supporting materials and visual aids
    Understand different learning styles and improve your delivery by illustrating relationships between ideas
  • PowerPoint
    How to maximize the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations
  • Overcome your fear of public speaking
    The importance of remembering your strengths and positive thinking
  • Delivering your presentation
    A bright, outgoing approach will have a positive impact on you and your audience
  • Body language
    Understanding the relationship between facial expressions, walking patterns, gestures, and eye contact when presenting
  • Handling the question and answer session
    Encouraging audience participation and dealing with difficult audience behaviors
Course Outline
Day 1Organizational arrangements
Personal experiences
Characteristics of outstanding presentations
Dealing with different cultures
Overcoming stage fright
Identifying your audience
Day 2Understanding, establishing, and retaining rapport
Attention-getting, openings, and closings
Preparing to present with confidence
Presenting to different levels of understanding
Day 3Persuasion Skills – sell your idea
Dealing with questions and objections
Presentation vs. selling
Speed presentations
Wrap up
About the Trainer – Mr. Michael Stahl

Michael brings experience, energy, and a passion for others into his training. Highly motivated, creative, enthusiastic, and flexible, Michael has considerable experience working within both the private and public sectors.

He has a straightforward, professional approach to building the capacity of training course participants that ensures the participants are highly involved in his workshops and come away with key skills plus the motivation and belief to put them into practice.

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The training will not expose participants to unnecessary stress by pushing them to speak in front of a large audience. Instead, they will learn in a joyful and often humorous way. The seminar is an ideal combination of theory and practical exercises during which participants will practice a variety of aspects of a presentation piece by piece.

During the training, we will identify which of the resources participants are already implementing in their daily life  – probably many more than expected – and how they can adapt their personal presentation style to the needs of different audiences. The training will focus in particular on the differences between typical European style and Asian style presentations and how to match  the needs and requirements of each particular audience.

Additionally, the training will highlight the linkage between presentation and selling, as the business context often requires well-thought persuasion techniques to get a message across.

Nowadays, there are a variety of outdated and inefficient training methods that, despite their great intentions, take too much time to master. Therefore the trainer will use various daily life examples and case scenarios in combination with well-established training formats to enable seminar participants to make the needed changes when they return to work upon completing the course.

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