UNODC Regional Office Future Days

Jost Wagner facilitatescc318a4e75e6069efba729361713bb4f from 18-19th of August two days of strategic thinking with the senior technical staff of the United Nations Organization for Drugs and Crime ROSEAP. UNODC Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ROSEA) has a team of over 150 providing advice and technical assistance related to the rule of law, non-traditional security threats, law enforcement, criminal justice and drug-related supply and health issues. The Regional Office for Southeast Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok is home to a multi-disciplinary team of 50 regional programme managers, advisors and administrators working with, and supporting, Member States and regional organisations, and aligned country and programme offices. Some 25 senior experts are exploring possible futures of UNODC and how they can provide better services and products to their recipients, partners and donors by 2020. Methods used are partly taken from the field of futures thinking / foresight.