UNODC Retreat to the Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is an area known for illicit drug production and trafficking of humans and wildlife. The drug trade is a key example of how organized crime is exploiting gaps in border infrastructure and the natural connections between the countries along the Mekong. Heroin and synthetic drugs are produced in the region and then trafficked – often along the Mekong – to be consumed in countries in the region and beyond.  Therefore it was a well-chosen location for the Asia-Pacific Office staff retreat of UNODC including all country managers to visit the region and explore the situation first hand. The retreat took place at the beginning of February 2018. The first two days were co-facilitated by Jost Wagner of the Change Initiative. This was already the 11th workshop facilitated by TCI for or on behalf of United Nations Organization on Drugs and Crime. Besides various briefings and team activities the participants worked on clear messaging for various target audiences such as donor agencies, government officials and the general public. The head of advocacy and communication of UNODC headquarter in Vienna participated as a resource person in this workshop. The recent World Drugs Report and the Myanmar Opium Report can be downloaded from the UNODC website.